Nautilus International

Nautilus International is a trade union and professional organisation representing more than 22,000 maritime professionals in the UK, Netherlands and Switzerland.

The union has for some years campaigned to raise awareness of the steady decline in seafarer numbers and the urgent need to recruit for the future of the industry. In 2015, Definition helped it create a 10-Point Charter for Jobs, a holistic strategy shaping manifesto, to promote the UK’s maritime sector and to ensure the delivery of decent work and training opportunities for seafarers.

We were then asked to launch and ensure maximum exposure for the charter to Nautilus’ stakeholders, its diverse membership and the media.

With a focus on issues-based PR, we led an integrated campaign, which included event support, media relations, social media management, animation creation and thought leadership. Consistent messaging focused on how much the UK relies on shipping and seafarers.

More than 170 pieces of key regional, trade and national coverage

69 million opportunities to see

Every £1 spent reached in excess of 3,000 people based on media coverage alone

23,541 social media views for animation, 82 new Twitter followers

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