John Stapleton

Serial ‘authentic entrepreneur’ John Stapleton created two new FMCG categories when he co-founded chilled carton soup company New Covent Garden Soup Co Ltd. in 1987, and later ready-to-eat children’s food company Little Dish in 2005.

Having sold New Covent Garden Soup and Little Dish, John is now a recognised angel investor and advisor.  He has worked with Definition for around five years to help raise his profile in the industry as a thought leader and events speaker.  We have drawn on his 30 years of expertise as a serial entrepreneur and his in-depth knowledge of the FMCG, food & drink and business worlds to target relevant media.

Definition has placed original and informed thought leadership pieces across key trade and national publications in the food and drink industry.  From Brexit preparation, entrepreneurial and investor advice and commentary on issues, challenges and developments within the sector.  In the past 12 months alone, Definition has cultivated more than 21 million opportunities for the right audience to engage with John’s work with articles including a profile in The Sunday Times and a thought leadership piece in FMCG CEO.

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