Activate Solutions Group

The Activate Solutions Group brings together six marketing and sales companies in the retail and FMCG sectors and specialises in complete brand solutions. It was relatively new and unknown, requiring a rapid awareness drive to boost its reputation.

Definition was asked to build a cohesive reputation for the group, via a PR campaign that could effectively reach all target audiences quickly.

This resulted in The Happiness Survey; built to position the group as a leading expert in high street retail and executed in a way that generated coverage across a variety of sector-specific trade media.

The research was conducted using an in-house product that captures customer experience data, saving budget, and showcasing the product to the group’s key prospects.

The results were analysed to identify trends in each sector, so we could craft press releases for each.

Over 20 sales leads for the group

Major brand names actively engaged

Team profiling in business publications

Product coverage in marketing, tech and specialist press

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