Name (click an award for more info)Entry deadlineRegionCost to enter
Comms National AwardAugust 15th 2022UKTBC
Appealie SaaS AwardsAugust 17th 2022GlobalStarting from $325
Tech Trailblazer AwardsAugust 31st 2022Global with regional cupsStarting from $250 (some categories are free)
Social Buzz AwardsSeptember 7th 2022UK£145
Prolific North Tech AwardsSeptember 11th 2022GlobalStarting from £95
London Design AwardsSeptember 29th 2022UKFree
Prolific North Tech AwardsAround September 2022North of EnglandStarting from £150  + VAT
The Content Marketing AwardsAround September 2022GlobalStarting from £199 +VAT
UK Cloud AwardsAround September 2022UKStarting from £99 + VAT
Premier Digital AwardsAround September 2022UKTBC

Automotive Marketing and Communications Awards

Around October 2022UK


Bulldog PR AwardsAround January 2022UKStarting from $300
Agency of the Year Awards Around September 2022UKStarting from £550 + VAT
FDM Everywoman in Technology Awards Around October 2022UKFree
Business Brilliance AwardsAround October 2022GlobalStarting from £250
Comms Business AwardsAround October 2022UKFree
Cloud AwardsAround November 2022GlobalStarting from $395
Female Frontier Awards Around November 2022UKStarting from £325 + VAT
Digiday Marketing & Advertising Awards EuropeAround November 2022UKStarting from £299
The Edison AwardsAround December 2022GlobalStarting from $150
Clio AwardsAround December 2022Global$500 – $1100
Webby AwardsAround December 2022Global$395
AVA Digital AwardsAround December 2022UKStarting from $110
Digital City Awards Around January 2023UKStarting from £150 + VAT
Technology InAVation Awards (business)Around January 2023UKTBC
Communicator AwardsAround January 2023GlobalStarting from $105
International Gaming AwardsAround January 2023GlobalFree
Data Cloud AwardsAround February 2023GlobalTBC
PRCA Digital Awards Around February 2023GlobalStarting from £260 + VAT
The Shorty Awards Around February 2023GlobalStarting from $399
Datacentre Solutions AwardsAround March 2023GlobalTBC
Real IT AwardsAround March 2023GlobalFree
European Search AwardsAround March 2023EuropeStarting from £125 + VAT
Hermes Creative AwardsAround March 2023GlobalStarting from $95
The Purpose Awards Around March 2023Europe, Middle East & AfricaStarting from £390 + VAT
Internal Communications and Engagement AwardsAround March 2023UK & EuropeBetween £195 – £295
Innovation By Design AwardsAround March 2023GlobalStarting from $145
FAB AwardsAround March 2023GlobalStarting from £100
D&AD AwardsAround March 2023UKPrice depends on category – see site
UK Tech4Good AwardsAround March 2023UKFree
PRCA Dare AwardsAround March 2023BristolTBC
CRN Sales & Marketing AwardsAround April 2023UKTBC
Design Week AwardsAround April 2023GlobalStarting from £199 + VAT
Annual Network PG’s IT World AwardsAround April 2023GlobalStarting from $195
Digiday Media Awards EuropeAround April 2023EuropeStarting from £175
The EO Tech Awards Around April 2023GlobalTBC
International Best in Biz AwardsAround April 2022GlobalStarting from $250
UK Content AwardsAround April 2022UKTBC
Davos Communications Awards Around April 2023GlobalStarting from €90
Emerging Payments AwardAround April 2023Global£300 + VAT
Effie Awards UKAround May 2023UKStarting from $1,300
Ame AwardsAround May 2023Global$845
Association Excellence AwardsAround May 2023UKStarting from £195 + VAT
CRN Tech Impact Awards Around May 2023UKFree
M&M Global AwardsAround May 2023GlobalStarting from £355
Creative Pool Around May 2023UKTBC
Web Marketing Association (WMA) WebAwards Around May 2023GlobalStarting from $270
Global Business Excellence AwardsAround May 2023GlobalStarting from £249 +VAT
eCommerce Awards for ExcellenceAround May 2023Global£225 + VAT
Corporate Engagement AwardsAround May 2023Europe£295
UK Social Media Communications AwardsAround May 2023UK£120 +VAT
FStech AwardsAround May 2023UKFree
The SaaS Awards Around June 2023GlobalStarting from $395
UK Agency Awards Around June 2023UKStarting from £150 + VAT
Brand Impact AwardsAround June 2023GlobalStarting from £179 + VAT
UK Tech AwardsAround June 2023UKFree
National Technology AwardsAround June 2023UKFree
Growing Business Awards Around June 2023UKTBC
US Search AwardsAround June 2023USAFree
The Lovie Awards Around June 2023GlobalTBC
B2B Marketing AwardsAround June 2023UKStarting from £280 + VAT
Creative Moment AwardsAround July 2023UKStarting from £200 + VAT
UK IT Industry AwardsAround July 2023UKStarting from £130 + VAT
CRN Channel Awards Around July 2023UKTBC
Media Week AwardsAround July 2023UKStarting from £470 + VAT
UK Business Tech Awards Around July 2023UK£155 + VAT
PRCA National AwardsAround July 2023UKStarting from £220 + VAT
Digital Impact Awards AsianAround July 2023AsiaBetween £195 – £295
Payments AwardsAround July 2023Global£99
Campaign Big AwardsAround July 2023GlobalTBC
Best Business AwardsAround July 2023NationalStarting from £95 + VAT
Event Technology AwardsAround July 2023GlobalStarting from £97.50
RAR Digital AwardsAround August 2023GlobalFree
The Wires Global Around August 2023UKStarting from £300
EGR Operator AwardsAround August 2023GlobalTBC
TIGA AwardsAround August 2023GlobalFree
DADI AwardsAround August 2023GlobalStarting from £206.50  VAT