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So, what are the nuts and bolts of an organic search strategy and how do you ensure you triumph over your competitors?

Goals and targets

The best SEO strategies are based on the right data. Which keywords are you targeting? Which keywords will result in ready-to-buy leads landing on your site? What are your priority products and services? Which product or service is most profitable and should therefore be prioritised? How much organic traffic does your site generate? How many inbound leads do you generate? What percentage of these are from organic search? How much are these leads worth? Given that organic search leads convert at a rate of around 14%, knowing your benchmark stats will help you build solid and realistic targets.

Without this information it’s impossible to build an effective SEO strategy.

Technical SEO

There’s a lot to get right! Are your canonicals correct? Do you have convoluted redirect chains? Are you mobile friendly? How fast is your site? Have you added structured data to your most important pages? Are you running duplicate secure and non-secure sites? What’s your site’s development schedule? Are your hreflang tags pointing at the right territories and languages? Do you have a logical site directory prioritising your most important pages? Is JavaScript preventing your pages from rendering properly?

So many questions! All important! Our team will carry out an in-depth SEO audit ensuring you’re compliant with the latest best practices – after all, if the basics aren’t right, then no amount of content creation, brand or link building will make a difference.

Onsite content

You need landing pages dedicated to your keyword targets, structured in a logical way. These pages need to be written in an-SEO friendly fashion and should consider things like the target audience; key messages; target keywords; meta data; searcher intent; funnel stage; content suggestions; structured data and internal linking. Our SEO teams often spend longer preparing content than our copywriters spend drafting it!

Landing pages need to be supported by in-depth, high quality blog content, often designed to reinforce subject matter expertise and attract prospects higher up the sales funnel. All content needs to be planned in accordance with business priorities and created as part of an overall SEO strategy.

Offsite brand and link building

Traditionally links from third party sites have been used as votes of confidence by Google. This sadly led to a situation where spammy old school SEO agencies worked out ways to game the link building system using ‘link schemes’. Google still uses ‘followed’ links but has now acknowledged the importance of non-linked brand mentions as well. It’s therefore vital your SEO strategy includes ongoing digital PR campaigns.

As an SEO agency with a digital PR background, we are uniquely placed to advise on the role link building and brand mentions play in your SEO strategy. You need to be seen talking about the subjects you want to rank for in the right industry and national media. Simply building links, does not cut it anymore.

The very best SEO strategies are proactively planned in advance and rely on a careful blend of technical, content and brand and link building nous.

There aren’t many agencies that get that. Get in contact today to talk to one that does.

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