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Our clients

Finding a good B2B SEO agency in London (or anywhere for that matter) is not easy. In fact, many companies turn to our proven business to business SEO and PR expertise after other search marketing agencies have let them down. Their websites are failing to compete for important search terms, or they have achieved rankings but these have not delivered an increase in inbound leads. In the worst cases, their B2B websites have been penalised by Google for unethical SEO practices  – something that can be very difficult to undo.

Our B2B SEO services are designed to deliver growth.

B2B SEO services

Our background in B2B PR means we have inhouse strategists, content writers and SEO experts who will be able to understand the complexities of your business. We’ve worked with hundreds of B2B companies ranging from SaaS platforms, to battery technology specialists, to software development experts. We get under the skin of your company to really understand your offering, what your unique selling points are and what drives your customers to purchase. Our clients often report that other agencies fall short when it comes to B2B SEO because they simply can’t get to grips with the subject matter. We can – and our B2B SEO services and strategies are successful because of this.

PR-led SEO

We are the only SEO agency in London that hails from a PR background, and our ability to build the credibility of your site by generating quality inbound links via PR sets us apart from other agencies. Link building is important because, as confirmed by Google, successful search marketing is about content, links and brand mentions (implied links). Our approach works because our background as a B2B PR agency stands us in good stead to differentiate your company from competitors targeting the same search terms, and we can ensure your brand is mentioned in the right places.

Quality leads

Being conspicuously positioned at the top of the results pages at the specific moment a prospect is looking for your products or services is the best digital lead generation move you can make: the leads and enquiries that you attract through search marketing are usually from people who are motivated and ready to buy. This is where we excel as a B2B SEO agency and we encourage clients to judge us on the inbound leads we generate as well as the organic traffic we drive.

B2B SEO strategy

As B2B marketing experts, we take an ethical, creative and data-driven approach to SEO. We determine KPIs, build strategies, implement campaigns and continually refine them for maximum impact. Fundamentally, being successful at SEO is about producing content that serves a purpose for the user. It’s not about spammy short term tactics that a lot of cheaper agencies still use. Answer user search intent with your content and build PR-based editorial links and you’ll have the foundations of a solid B2B SEO strategy.

Sustainable SEO

Our clients’ sites have sailed through every update to Google’s algorithm (and many have watched their competitors’ sites being penalised) and we’re continually refining our approach and building our search marketing knowledge, to ensure you stay on page one, once we’ve got you there. This is thanks to our focus on white hat SEO and sustainable tactics designed to benefit your reputation as much as your organic rankings.

Award-winning team

Clients choose us to handle B2B SEO for them because we are professional and easy to work with. They stay because we deliver results. Alongside the many PR awards we have won, we are proud of our Best Search Campaign gong at the UK Agency Awards. Take a closer look at our SEO success stories on our case studies page.

We deliver results

We’ve helped our clients’ websites climb into the top positions organically in Google. We have reduced our clients’ cost per acquisition while increasing traffic and qualified leads. Our own site is proof of both the value of search marketing and our ability to deliver: over 70 per cent of the leads we generate come through our website. The rest come from client recommendations.

If you want SEO campaigns that achieve results like these, then get in touch with us to discuss your brief.

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