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We know SEO

Our team boasts a rare combination of technical SEO, PR, content and strategy skills that delivers excellent results. We are proud that we have:

  • Generated over £3m in new business off a brand new website (for a service business) in less than 20 months (and we’re just getting started with them).
  • Generated inbound leads worth over £2m for an agency in less than two years.
  • Taken the organic cost per lead for one company from £7 to £0.88 – a saving of over half a million pounds on the company’s organic leads every year.

Our SEO services include SEO consultancy, keyword research, technical auditing, PR-led link building, brand building, YouTube and video optimisation, copywriting, content creation, and strategy planning.

We are experts at planning and take a long-term view to ensure our clients benefit from a sustained, steadily increasing organic lead flow. We’ll explain the activities you need to engage in now, in six months’ time and in two years’ time to maintain your rate of organic growth

SEO strategy planning

We help companies plan for long term success with strategic SEO advice. This could include website and competitor analyses; bespoke training to equip an internal team to execute on the SEO strategy; or it could be a comprehensive service that includes planning and execution.  Every new client benefits from an in-depth strategy planning and research exercise resulting in a solid roadmap including detail on technical fixes, content requirements, KPIs, and PR angles needed to generate top quality links, to help them beat the competition to the top of the organic search pages.

Keyword research

Keyword research is fundamental to SEO success. Our process starts with a solid understanding of your business and your industry. Our keyword research takes time because it involves everything from interviews with your subject matter experts and sales teams, to reviews of paid search activity and competitor websites. Our teams will then assess keyword volumes, keyword difficulty scores and the strength of your website, before making recommendations on targets based on volume, competition and user intent. Keywords will then be mapped to existing pages on your site or designated to new pages that our content team will produce.

PR-led link building

One of our most popular SEO services is PR-led link building. Link building has been a key element of SEO since Google co-founder Larry Page first introduced the concept of PageRank. Unfortunately, early link builders tried to game the system with spammy link building. Google introduced its Penguin update in 2012 to combat this, and as a result, PR or editorial-led links have become the most sought-after and most effective. Google has also recently started prioritising non-linked brand mentions in online publications (“If ‘The Wall Street Journal’ writes an article about you, then that’s probably a good thing.”) PR-led link building generates followed links from high authority contextually relevant editorial sites, and the brand mentions send search engines very clear signals on topics that your site should rank for.

Video optimisation

YouTube, the second largest search engine, is a great source of traffic for companies looking to attract prospects at every stage of the sales funnel. While the basics of YouTube video optimisation are straightforward, ensuring everything from scripting to filming is optimised and part of your strategic SEO plan, is much harder. We work with our sister video production agency on great videos designed to drive traffic from both within YouTube and in the organic search results themselves. Outside of YouTube, video is playing a more important role than ever in the marketing mix. However, there currently isn’t a search engine in the world capable of understanding video content on its own. Video context is required in the form of transcripts, on page copy and structured data. We work with you to ensure your video looks great AND drives traffic.

If you’re after cheap SEO services that will deliver a quick fix, we are not the right agency for you. But if you are serious about SEO, we can drive record high rankings, organic traffic and leads. Contact our head of digital PR and SEO, Luke, to discuss your brief.

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