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Our clients

At Definition, we understand how important your reputation is – and we can cultivate it in your target media and among your target audience.

We don’t take an isolated, tactical approach where we try one thing after another and hope for the best. In everything we do, we look at the entire reputational picture: your standing among employees, customers, shareholders, media outlets, and others; how they’re interlinked; what’s underpinning your current status – and what you can do to boost your credibility and appeal to those who matter most to your organisation.

Simon Sinek once said “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” As your reputation management agency, we can help you fine your ‘why’.

Measurement and benchmarks

Everything we do is clearly benchmarked and clearly measurable. We’ll plan your strategy; we’ll survey your employees, customers, and the media; and we’ll even give you a handy CEO-level dashboard so you always have a clear overview of what we’re doing – and what it’s doing for your reputation.

We review and plan your strategy by first creating reputation dashboards, employee surveys, behaviour audits and media perception surveys.

Comprehensive comms services

We’re a reputation management agency – but we’re not just a reputation management agency. Our inbound marketing team can deliver everything from PR to content to SEO services – and our video team can deliver brand-boosting live-action and animated content.

Brand values

As a reputation management company, our specialists can craft your brand’s values and establish its sense of purpose – providing your organisation and its employees the blueprints for a cohesive corporate identity.

Reputation experts

With a team of PR and marketing specialists available – including an award-winning reputation expert– we have the experience, the in-house skills, and the resources to boost your standing in your industry.

Crisis management

Reputation under threat? Our crisis comms specialists are at their best when you’re in a tight spot – neutralising potentially negative narratives before they seriously affect your public perception.

Planning and strategy

We’ll figure out what you need and what you want, and we’ll devise a strategy to deliver both – whether that requires internal comms, external comms, or targeted social media campaigns that build your reputation among the people who matter most to your organisation.

A good reputation management agency doesn’t just maintain a certain level of public esteem – it actively improves and cultivates it over the long term.

We’ll create a great impression of your brand, we’ll sustain it, and we’ll ensure it gets even better in future.

Want to make a name for your company? Our reputation management experts can help.

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