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Our clients

Our process

Our process begins with a conversation where we develop an in-depth understanding of your business and your objectives. We then research your target audience and establish what is preventing them from engaging with you. We analyse every channel for reaching them and work with you to set clear KPIs and design a digital marketing strategy that will ensure you achieve them. If you’re like most of our clients, your website will be at the centre of your digital strategy – we are experts at managing website builds and at maintaining websites to ensure they deliver an ever-increasing stream of traffic and leads.

Persona development

If you don’t know the challenges your customers and prospects face then you cannot market to them. You also need to know what motivates them and how they search for and digest information, including the media they consume and the social channels they use. Thorough persona development is fundamental to every successful digital marketing strategy.

Knowledge building  ​

We speak to your sales team and your senior leadership team to gain an understanding of the business. This includes getting a handle on your sales process, what your customers are looking for and any barriers to purchase they face, so we can design a strategy that overcomes them. We will also use these conversations to inform content angles that help overcome your prospects’ pain points.

Onsite/offsite audit

Fall foul of search engine algorithms and your business will struggle to ever be found by anyone. We give your website the once over and consider over 100 different factors that will affect its ability to generate leads. Then we plan fixes in the overall strategy.

Keyword research

Still a search marketing staple, our keyword research takes into account the strength of your site versus your competitors’ and looks at the short and long tail keywords you should be competing for.

Content planning  ​

We look at your existing content and your untapped resources, before planning the content you will need to help you sell more. This might include a series of in-depth landing pages designed to help you rank for specific lead generation keywords or guides for prospects designed to help you spark their interest. As a digital strategy agency we believe in the true power of content.

Link analysis 

As Google has publicly announced that links and content are two of the most important ranking signals it’s important to know a) how many links are pointing at your site (and where they’re pointing from) and b) what your competitors’ link profiles look like – after all, you need better links than them if you’re to outperform them online.

Competitor review

Are your competitors using marketing automation? How effective are their social profiles as lead generation channels? Where do they rank and which keywords are they interested in? How authoritative are their websites? We know the questions you should be asking.

Traffic analysis

Where does your traffic come from? What’s the best performing channel in terms of conversions? Have there been any big increases/decreases across channels? Which sites refer traffic to you? If you don’t know this at a basic level, then you have no foundation upon which to build a strategy.

Tech setup   

If, like a lot of our clients, you decide to power your marketing strategy using marketing technology, then we can advise on the tech stack and CRM integration, before helping you develop the proper processes. We can even do your website project management for you.

KPI setting  ​

We’re only interested in the KPIs that will make an actual difference to your bottom line. This might be your share of voice vs your competitors in target media, it might be the size of your lead database or it might be the number of inbound leads generated in a set time period. We help you establish the right KPIs and make sure you know how to reach them.

The result

We take all of the above, prioritise activities across a 12-month period, put tactical timelines in place, and then present the completed strategy to your internal teams so they can implement it, OR we execute it ourselves – your choice.

Our digital strategy agency team consists of Google-certified search marketing experts, HubSpot-certified inbound experts, and award-winning PR and content marketing experts delivering a host of digital marketing services.

Our work has won 13 awards, and over 40 clients have seen fit to endorse us and we’ve been applauded on the Recommended Agencies Register as a leading inbound marketing agency.

If you’re looking to scale you need a digital strategy agency that knows what it’s doing.

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