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As a digital PR agency with decades of media relations experience, our primary activities include sourcing data, conducting surveys, and creating highly shareable, link-worthy content. We create stories that are so compelling that it’s easy to place them, generating natural earned links that send traffic and search authority to your website. These campaigns also capture the attention of current customers, employees and your industry, boosting social reach and delivering a whole host of secondary benefits.

And we are experts at dealing with the media. For us, digital PR is about so much more than just building backlinks. It’s about forging strong, lasting relationships with journalists and online influencers and using those relationships to ensure we create stories that they want to publish. Our expertise in media relations means your brand is in safe hands when you work with us. We can help you navigate the complex media landscape, handling tricky journalist enquiries, planning for and managing crises, media training your spokespeople, finding your strongest media angles and expertly weaving your messaging into the story.

Our team comprises:

  • Scientists, engineers and technologists with deep sector knowledge
  • Expert copywriters who have worked for some of the world’s leading newspapers
  • Strategists who ensure that all our digital PR activity aligns closely with your business objectives
  • Analysts who work hard to identify which campaigns are producing the best results
  • SEO experts to make sure your website is working as hard as possible for your business

Our work might include stunts, commissioned research (see the work we did for Xero), thought leadership campaigns (check out our BNP Paribas case study) or press office management and social campaigns (see our award-winning Study Group campaign).

Contact our head of digital PR, Luke, to discuss your digital PR requirements.

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Paying for links is a sin

As far as Google is concerned, any link that you have paid for is of no value to the search algorithm. Your digital PR agency might suggest paying for links as it’s not always easy for Google to differentiate which links are earned and which are bought. However, ethical SEO practitioners are encouraged to report sites that sell links. If you’re caught, your site could be punished.

PR is only one route to links

Like most digital PR agencies, we create stories and sell them in to online publications to generate links. But it’s important to remember that any web property is a potential link-building target. From your CEO’s university alumni pages to the charity you support at Christmas, there are thousands of non-media link opportunities. We help you identify, catalogue and target these for maximum results.

Digital PR is not a project

It’s a long-term commitment. If you work with a quality digital PR agency you can expect to see some gains within the first three months. But the real benefit builds over time. Search real estate is finite and if you stop your digital PR activity, you will find your competitors muscling in on your territory.

Digital PR is measurable

Measuring the impact that your digital PR agency is having is simple. You should expect monthly reports on your site’s domain authority, media hits, backlinks built, online mentions, social reach and following, organic traffic, rankings for key terms and leads generated. Results may vary month to month but the trend should be upwards.

We are a digital PR agency that will help you generate leads and build your profile. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

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