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Experienced journalists deliver our media training services to ensure your organisation’s spokespeople get it right when it comes to dealing with the media. These sessions can be run in person or virtually.

We will make sure you:

  • Are confident dealing with journalists and broadcasters
  • Understand what the media requires of you, and how this varies in different parts of the world
  • Know which types of questions you should expect
  • Can expertly answer difficult questions under pressure
  • Can give a great performance in front of the camera during media interviews
  • Can spot and avoid common interview pitfalls
  • Are able to use your media skills to enhance your credibility and that of your organisation

Senior trainers in a studio environment

We use senior journalists to run each bespoke session. Our media trainers include former news anchors and editors who have worked with the likes of Barclays, BT, the Bank of England, John Lewis, and Lloyd’s of London. We will often also simulate a studio environment with lighting and cameras to best mimic the conditions your thought leaders will find themselves in. Practice interviews will be recorded and played back to attendees and our expert trainers will point out issues with body language or question response. Even the most confident of CEOs can find themselves wilting under the glare of a spotlight.

We offer bespoke media training services for beginners and experienced media spokespeople, our training covers:

  • Dealing with the media
  • Crisis PR, management, and simulation
  • Strategic message development
  • Presentations and public speaking

Do you require media training services?

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