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As a cleantech PR agency we are well equipped to help you manage the challenges that come with operating in this sector. These could include adjusting to changes in regulation; introducing new products; continually raising finance while building your business and managing multiple stakeholders. Each one of these requires strategic communications planning and management. Our experienced, senior team has a solid grasp of the issues affecting the cleantech industry and will build you a strategy that delivers results.

Our cleantech PR tips

Educate your audience

Millennials are twice as likely as generation X to favour a brand that shares its stance on environmental and social issues. Therefore, sustainability strategies are more important than ever, as millennials become the new generation of B2B buyers. Many companies also have policies aligning themselves with the associated UN Sustainable Development Goals. It’s therefore important for companies operating in the cleantech space to translate their deep science into easily consumable content for top sustainability publications that can be used to drive advocacy, build communities and support important causes as they strive for Net Zero.


Create your own news

Even the newest start-ups can begin building influence, reputation and thought leadership as they work on their technology. Too many start-ups wait until their product is ready to launch before getting started on a PR strategy – and they miss out on valuable opportunities to gain early traction, build communities of advocates and establish their profiles.

Use buzz for investment

The companies that generate the most buzz attract the most investment. That means that social and digital media are essential channels for any organisation operating in this space. They need to be central to your communications strategy if you are to achieve serious reach, leads, profile and investment.

Measure and improve

A good cleantech PR agency should work with you to design a strategy that is founded on audience insights and is built around clear KPIs. Whether these focus on media coverage, social buzz or organic traffic, it’s essential to regularly measure progress and tweak your strategy for continuous improvement.

If you’re looking for an award-winning cleantech PR agency that can help you get your message out, then get in touch to find out how we can help.

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