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Reputation building

We employ ex journalists and media relations specialists with incredible networks across the charity sector media. They are able to draw from a mixture of disciplines from PR to content to social to search to ensure we deliver the best results for our charity clients.

Digital charity comms

Our media experts work alongside digital media technicians with a deep understanding of Google’s search algorithm and social media specialists who understand how to listen to the chatter, create engaging content and amplify it for maximum impact.


Crisis communications

Charities and non profits can be particularly vulnerable to crises and these need to be managed with skill, sensitivity and careful thought. Our crisis comms team has won multiple awards and they can help prepare your organisation and steer your communications through.

International reach

Unusually for a charity PR agency, we have team members working on campaigns across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the United States. And we can quickly appoint partners in markets where we are not currently operational, enabling us to take your charity’s message to a broad international audience.

Influencer engagement

We have an extensive network of experts, from academics to journalists and social media influencers who we can draw on to support your campaigns and help your charity achieve its communications and fundraising objectives.

Delivering results

Using Definition as your charity PR agency will help you achieve a robust reputation (both online and offline), meet your fundraising goals and extend your reach with powerful case studies that showcase your work (check out our sister agency’s charity video production credentials).

We were grateful to Definition for our PR campaign ‘One Day Changes Lives’. The campaign proved a successful first step in benevolent charities getting more recognition as a sector, and we were impressed with Definition’s professionalism, friendliness and knowledge of both PR and the charity sector throughout.

The Association of Charitable Organisations

If you’re looking for a charity PR agency that will genuinely deliver results, then get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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