We sent an anonymous survey to our team as part of a value proposition definition exercise, and here’s some of the feedback we got <blushes with pride>.

Why do our clients most like working with us?

“Because we make life easy for our clients. They can leave their marketing to us and know the job will get done with very little effort from their side. Also the account managers are all super friendly.”

“Large focus on Testing / Results + Growth Strategy. – Provide value added services and assistance over and above the required services. – Technologically advanced – use tools to manage efficiency which result in targets/objectives being met.”

“We’re professional, informed, talented and a little bit cheeky.”

“We’re capable, our team is competent, and we offer a comprehensive service – if it’s on the comms spectrum and they have the money, we can probably do it, and to a very high standard. Also Devon.”

“We’re nice and personable and clients want to work with people they like. We have good list of ex clients which is impressive and our work is impressive.”

What value do we offer our clients that makes us different from other agencies?

“We get results, we offer honest advice and guidance in both departments.”

“We offer a comprehensive (one-stop-shop) service. But we also don’t apply the same formula to every client. Each client can use as much (or as little) as they want/need from our range of services. Each client’s marketing plan is specifically tailored to them.”

“Inhouse content generation that covers a range of marketing needs from traditional PR to SEO. TL is truly digital agency – always on and connected, can serve clients anywhere in the world. CT and London offices provide European and African insights.”

“Integrated comms resulting in leads – we have our own proven unique blend of growth marketing.”

“Creativity, experience, and skill. We aren’t generic form pitchers. We take this stuff seriously.”

What are you most proud of about working at TopLine?

“Everyone is all hands on deck and will work hard to achieve the goals set for the client.”

“We offer a consistently high level of service. TopLine has a reputation of getting stuff done – and the team is always willing to go the extra mile to make it happen.”

“I like its youthful energy; lack of bigotry; guts and nerdiness. Fintech is a great sector to focus on – TL is winning some cool clients.”

“Great results for a smallish team; good work life balance.”

“Personal development. Being part of the team. Seeing the progress made by clients.”

“Great team makeup. Opportunity to do good work. Opportunity for professional advancement.”

“The excellent client service TopLine delivers.”

What is important at TopLine?

“Hitting KPIs, providing clients with value for their money. Employees using all their available capacity constructively. (No time to browse Pinterest here!)”

“Care for those who work at TopLine while those who work for TopLine care for its clients.”

“Not getting complacent – tech is fast moving so got to keep learning and doing.”

“Work/life balance, having a laugh.”

“Being nice. Being organised. Going the extra mile. Being reasonable. Respect for work-life balance.”

“Keeping clients happy, winning new business, and keeping staff happy. Also cleaning the filter after you use the coffee machine.”

What is unique about working at TopLine?

“Agency structure & freedom.”

“Everyone will go above and beyond to meet deadlines and deliver what was promised to our clients. For this reason, I really like how TopLine cares for its staff and offers benefits and rewards. I like how TopLine is down to earth, reliable, and team orientated.”

“Digital way of working and working across two countries. It is challenging but provides employees a unique opportunity to broaden our horizons.”

“The use of innovative management tools covering – Time Management / File Sharing / Remote Working / Virtual Staffing.”

“It’s a nerdy agency for a new nerdy world.”

“For a small agency with few people, we’re good at a LOT of things. This company also has a flexible and understanding approach to staff working environments that fosters morale and productivity. Also Devon.”

“The crossover of services. Having a dog. Being full of young people who are clearly very good at what they do.”

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