At TopLine Comms, our talented, hard-working people (and, of course, wonderful dogs) are the secret ingredient in our first-rate digital PR, SEO, and video production. We take care of each other and try to create a positive, compassionate environment in our offices because we know that everybody needs support to do their best work.

So you can imagine our excitement when Great Places to Work (GPTW) once again awarded us an Excellence in Wellbeing Award for 2019-2020. The award considered company culture, hiring processes, and equality measures (among many other factors) so we’re thrilled to have been recognised.

The process

Great Places to Work initially asked us for a detailed culture audit and confidential employee Trust Index Survey to gather employee feedback and information about the programs and practices that make our workplace unique. The Trust Index aims to shed light on the employee experience by highlighting some of the core business areas that drive engagement. Some of the areas that the audit considered were the promotion of fairness and transparency, celebrating and recognising achievements, nurturing employee talents, and investing in a fun community and environment.

Our culture and values

We’re always looking to improve the experience of working here at TopLine. This involves implementing new initiatives to keep the team happy, engaged, and motivated – from wellbeing activities like yoga and laser tag to our new bonus system. We’ve found that flexibility is another key to enabling employees to flourish, and that balancing personal and professional makes it easier for teams to collaborate.

We recently updated our company values to reflect our evolving business. Our three new values are:

  • Still learning, always learning.
  • Creativity takes courage.
  • Measure what is measurable and make measurable what is not.

These values draw from art and science to remind us to find inspiration in unconventional places while helping to drive all our structures, processes, and policies.

Excellence in Wellbeing

We were incredibly proud to rank on the Great Places to Work scheme last year, and we’re equally proud to have earned the award for Excellence in Wellbeing this year. We work hard to ensure that our organisation is a positive, supportive, and successful place for employees, and we’re glad that our efforts have been recognised.

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