While we may all be self-isolating, and working from home, we are still celebrating World Creativity and Innovation Day. At TopLine we try to channel creativity and innovation into everything that we do, and this begins with hiring inherently creative, outside the box thinkers (does this sound like the sort of place you’d like to work? Join us!) During these tough times, we have seen just how much this creativity shines through.

Every week we all share a positive update, and over the past few weeks, we’ve noticed some particularly inspiring work as our team thinks of creative ways to stay positive and make a difference in the world. We thought that we would share a few and potentially give you some inspiration!

Sian’s not loafing around with her home bakery

TopLine Film’s senior producer, Sian and her partner Tom, who is a chef, have started their very own community bakery in Croydon! The effort began with simple offers of bread to neighbours, but word of the mouth-watering loaves and focaccia quickly spread. They have since transformed their humble home bakery into Chatsworth Bakehouse: an initiative to supply their local Croydon community with fresh bread in exchange for donations to hostels, food-banks, soup kitchens, and other worthy causes. Sian and Tom have even expanded into a professional kitchen, which they were offered free of charge, to meet the incredible demand!

Katie S’ passion for fashion

Comms consultant Katie has taken her love of fashion to a whole new level in lockdown by taking two Business of Fashion courses: ‘Fashion History’ and ‘Fashion Styling and Image Making’. She has completed the online courses, and now Katie is a certified fashionista. We have always known Katie has a love for fashion, and we can’t wait to see her stylish meeting attire once we’re all back in the office. If that’s not enough of a devotion to couture, Katie has also written for cutting-edge fashion magazine, Schön! Check out her latest excellent article on the actress and film director Hannah Marks here.

Brent’s green thumb

At TopLine, we care about the environment on both a large scale and a small one. Brent, our graphic designer, is taking that commitment to the next step by planting a sustainable vegetable garden. It’s a peaceful pastime, a great way to stay busy and at the end of it, he’ll have some wonderful fresh vegetables!

Katie C hits the roof

Due to the restrictions of COVID-19 in South Africa, comms consultant and copywriter Katie C wanted to find a way to soak up the South African sun without breaking the new regulations put in place by the government. To do so, she decided to bravely scale her building. After clambering up a pretty dodgy ladder, Katie discovered an incredible vista laid out before her, and she sent in this photo. Katie has promised to find a safer way of getting up next time, and she intends to pack a picnic. Life is all about perspective!

Jenna is putting her mind to mental health awareness

Comms executive Jenna has always emphasised the fundamental importance of mental health, and this topic is more important in these uncertain times than ever before. Jenna has put her writing, photography and social media skills to good use by creating incredible Instagram posts musing on this important topic. She talks about her own struggles as well as various tools that others can use to help themselves. At TopLine we prioritise mental health, and only by supporting one another can we make it through tough times. Don’t suffer in silence! You can check out Jenna’s initiative here.

Luke is logging hours in the woodshed

Luke, our head of digital PR and SEO, has taken a creative approach to keeping his kids occupied: he’s converting an old cupboard into a soapbox racing car for them. We can’t wait to see the looks on their faces as Luke sends them down a hill for the first time. The wheels are on the way, but check out the picture of the partially constructed vehicle below.

Dana is sketching en plein air

Dana, TopLine Film’s animator, has been going to the nearby woodlands for some nature drawing. She has found that it’s a really relaxing way to get some mental space – and with social distancing, people have tended to leave her in peace! Check out Dana’s incredible sketches below – we love the lively linework.

Micky is solving puzzles

Office manager Micky spends her days solving logistical puzzles for the business, but she’s taken to an entirely different type of puzzle in her spare time. She has taken on a table full of jigsaw puzzles together with her family as a way to spend time together and pass the time. One thing we can appreciate about being in lockdown is the opportunity for nostalgia and good old-fashioned pastimes. Micky has taken this to heart, check out her progress:

Stay safe, stay creative!

There you have it, that’s a small slice of what the TopLiners have been up to during their social isolation for World Creativity and Innovation Day – after all, a caged bird still sings. When we’re not baking or climbing on rooftops, we’re a B2B PR agency. To find out what a creative, innovative PR campaign could do for your business, contact us today.

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