The Definition team is a busy bunch of rather impressive marketers. Our brains are always on the go, plotting SEO strategies, cooking up communications campaigns and impressing clients left, right and centre.

However. All this good inbound marketing agency work is primarily done from the confines of our desks. While we certainly don’t lack for mental exercise, our bodies aren’t always getting enough movement. Sharp minds are great, but that’s no excuse to go soft around the middle.

As members of the fanatically health conscious (crazy?) 21st century, we know that a fit, healthy body is good for the mind. Which is why we initiated an inhouse get fit challenge. Our London and Cape Town teams stepped up (literally), and responded with an enthusiastic list of fitness challenge ideas.

Our get fit challenge

Who knew that our team was so ambitiously sporty? From yoga to running, tennis to walking, softball to hiking, there’s something for everyone and of course – there’s a prize for our most dedicated athlete.

A group activity now takes place every month – usually after work but not always. It’s not compulsory to participate but those that make it a regular thing are definitely enjoying themselves. It sounds almost cheesy, or should we say goopy (hello Gwyneth), but in getting fit together, colleagues are getting on better, and applying themselves to work with renewed energy.

So far, the London team has spent their evenings doing:

  • Psycle (“like going clubbing on a bike” – The Telegraph)
  • Kayaking
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Running
  • An introductory class in martial arts (Xen-do)

And as for our Cape Town team, blessed as they are with such natural splendour, they’ve climbed Table Mountain, and done yoga by the sea. Next up is a martial arts class.

We’ve also included a weekly step count as part of the get fit challenge. Here are the top three results so far.

  • 114,243
  • 111,424
  • 110,948

Those weekly step counts equate to roughly 50 miles each! People have been seriously pounding the pavements…

Would you like to join our team and take up the get fit challenge? If you think you’ve got the talent and mental muscle then send us your CV today!

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