July was a busy one. Andy Murray won his second Wimbledon title, Serena Williams won her seventh and NASA’s Juno satellite reached Jupiter.

But that’s not all. In the midst of all this, our clients were busy wooing the media and talking about all things tech, finance and education. Here’s a snapshot of where they featured last month.

Nucleus Commercial Finance

Alternative finance provider Nucleus took the media by storm last month with no less than 13 media hits. The majority of these were related to the company breaking the British peer-to-peer lending record by agreeing a £14.5million finance facility with Industrial Metal Services. This impressive deal was covered by FStechBusiness MoneyCCR MagazineBridging & CommercialFinextraTech City NewsCrowdfund InsiderBanks EU and SteelFirst.

Meanwhile, Speaking to AltFi, Nucleus CEO Chirag Shah took readers through NCF’s transformation to a more tech-oriented business. In the interview, Chirag said that the range of products offered by Nucleus has the potential to be a key differentiator within the alternative finance space. So watch this space!

Chirag also shared his views on Brexit with Growth Business. He noted that while there would be challenges, he believed that businesses specialising in crowdfunding and property lending would have opportunities for growth.

Study Group

Brexit is already affecting the higher education sector, with reports that UK academics were being dropped from EU-funded projects. In light of this, James Pitman, Managing Director, Higher Education UK and Europe at Study Group wrote a piece for The Guardian on damaging government policy relating to international students. He notes that Brexit could prompt a review of these policies, and stem the decline in overseas student numbers, estimated to have cost the country a total of £8bn over the past five years.

Meanwhile, Study Group is also expanding its operations in North America with two new higher education partnerships. Welcome news that was covered by The PIE News and ST Magazine.


To get a clear financial picture of European businesses, global working capital consultancy REL conducted a working capital survey analysing the accounts of 1,000 of the largest companies on the continent.

The Financial Times covered the story as an exclusive, which showed that many UK corporates might not be prepared for the risks post Brexit.


An expert on the topic, Bullhorn’s Peter Linas featured in The Times Raconteur supplement talking about customer experience and satisfaction. In the article, he discusses the importance of Net Promoter Score and why it shouldn’t be viewed in isolation.

But that’s not all. Peter also offered ITProPortal readers some insight into the state of CRM in 2016 and beyond, while also discussing the third wave of CRM with the folks over at it.toolbox.com.

If you also want to feature in The Guardian, The Financial Times (or anywhere else, really), get in touch with Definition director, Luke, he can make it happen. 

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