If you’re a regular patron of the TopLine blog – or a client, or a friend, family member, or an innocent bystander who might have heard screams of “I’M GOING TO MOZCONNNNNN” from the TopLine office – you’re probably aware that we’re headed to Seattle for MozCon, the biggest digital marketing event of 2015. That’s right – the best B2B PR agency in the UK is going stateside.

Since we can scarcely contain our excitement, we’ve decided not to; it’s unhealthy to suppress your emotions, after all. Luke and Hannah – or, if you prefer, TopLine’s Seattle delegation – have shared their pre-flight thoughts below.

Luke Budka, Director

“I’m keen to set foot in an American conference room for the first time” says TopLine director Luke Budka.

“I’ve been in so many British conference halls; they’re all the same. I’m ready for some new décor, and hopefully some better snacks. UK events need to up their snack game”, he adds.

Luke comments: “Professionally speaking, I want to expand my SEO knowledge, particularly where Facebook’s local search is concerned. I also want to explore the relationship between PPC campaigns and general SEO strategy.”

Outside the (hopefully impressive) conference hall, Luke’s also looking forward to the opportunity to pull a Paul Newman in the various MozCon-adjacent bars. “The Wednesday Night Bash at the Garage will be a great opportunity to showcase my pool skills – and hustle fellow Mozzers. By the end of the night, I’ll have paid for my ticket!”

Hannah Codrington, comms consultant

Comms Consultant and former dog-hater (now reformed thanks to TopLine’s Chief Frisbee Officer) Hannah Codrington is finding the MozCon wait particularly tough. “Learning from the best of the best in the world of digital marketing – whether that’s how to survive Google in 2020, how to maintain competitor advantage, or the best ways to conduct keyword research – will be an amazing opportunity for us to ensure our client strategies are also the best of the best.” she says.

Hannah adds: “I’m also looking forward to hearing from (and hopefully meeting) the main man himself, Rand Fishkin.”

As with Luke, MozCon represents Hannah’s first journey to the United States. “I’ve never been to America, and Seattle in particular has been on my bucket list for a while now. It’s the home of great coffee, Grey’s Anatomy, some of the world’s biggest tech companies like Amazon and Microsoft, and MozCon. Apart from the rain, what’s not to love?”

Everyone here at TopLine shares your enthusiasm, Hannah – and we can’t wait to hear everyone’s stories from the best marketing event of 2015 when you return!

If you’re after an SEO agency or an explainer video in London, don’t worry: most of us will be right here in the UK, holding the fort (and seething with jealousy, obviously).

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