We asked over 250 UK HR professionals how they buy products and services, and we have some good news for vendors.

Budgets are increasing

The last year has seen budget rises for 53% of HR departments. This gets even better in certain industries: 80% in construction, 71% in technology, 69% in finance, and 57% in manufacturing HR reported budget increases. However, 67% of retail businesses, 67% of charities, and 64% of government/public sector organisations haven’t seen budget increases at all.

HR media is important

HR professionals told us that they research new products in a variety of different ways. The first and most important method – favoured by some 38% – is reading HR media such as HR Magazine and Personnel Today.

Some 36% of those surveyed ask colleagues and contemporaries for recommendations; 36% go to events and trade shows; 36% rely on HR networks; and 36% use emails.

Beyond these methods, 35% of HR professionals use search engines and desk research to find new products, 22% use the procurement department, and 35% still read direct mail.

The HR buying cycle is optimal in April-May

There are times when the HR community is more likely to be receptive to overtures from suppliers. Though 21% of professionals suggested that they’d be open to hearing about new products and services throughout the year, we found that the HR community tends to review its processes at the start of Q2 – April and May combined were favoured by a fifth (24%) of all respondents. However, more than a fifth review these processes and suppliers throughout the year.

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