Nothing, not even North Korea or Prince Harry’s love-life, is hotter right now than the topic of cryptocurrency. It’s dominating dinner party tables, fueling dreams of untold wealth, infuriating bank managers and confounding an awful lot of people everywhere.

As a London-based fintech PR agency, we are smack bang right in the middle of this thrilling financial revolution. Gosh it’s exciting. And yes, rather overwhelming too – there certainly is a lot to wrap one’s head around. So, we decided to dive straight in and get to grips with everything crypto as quickly as possible. To do this, we analysed the world wide web using BuzzSumo and our nimble desk research skills.

Not only did our investigations enhance our cryptocurrency knowledge (the whole team can now speak on the topic with confidence), we discovered what questions and concerns people are grappling with the most.

To help you understand how consumers are engaging with cryptocurrencies, here’s a breakdown of the most searched for online content.

1. Informational content

Cryptocurrency is a befuddling topic. By and large, people want to know what exactly cryptocurrency is and how it works. Here are the top trending topics in this category.

  • What is cryptocurrency and how does it work?
  • How does Bitcoin or cryptocurrency compare to traditional investments – for example, in funds or commodities?
  • What are the most common cryptocurrencies?
  • Why would you want to invest in cryptocurrency?
  • How does blockchain work?

2. Practical content

Once the basics have been grasped, people want to know how to get into cryptocurrencies and start using them. For example:

  • How do I start trading with cryptocurrencies?
  • How do I decide which cryptocurrency to invest in?
  • When is the right time to start investing in cryptocurrency?

3. News content

Staying informed is crucial to existing or would-be cryptocurrency traders. Here are some of the most googled news topics.

  • Regulation of cryptocurrency – China has banned initial coin offerings, while India has just made bitcoin legal. What are the regulations in different countries and can it even be regulated?
  • The growing popularity of bitcoin – more retailers and service providers are starting to accept cryptocurrency.
  • News on people making lots of money with cryptocurrency.
  • Cryptocurrency cyber security – reports of hacks and general security information.
  • Reports on the growth of cryptocurrency.
  • Bitcoin vs ether – Bitcoin may soon no longer be the number one cryptocurrency.

Summary: the four main questions people are asking

Don’t try and cover all bases at once. If you can give your audience good content that answers the following four questions, then you’re off to a winning start.

  • What is cryptocurrency or Bitcoin?
  • What cryptocurrencies are available?
  • How do you get into cryptocurrency?
  • How profitable is cryptocurrency?

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