Last year our MD wrote this heartfelt poem to the business on its birthday, and now another year has passed! Happy birthday TopLine! Time sure flies…

A poem for my business on its 7th birthday

It was 2008, Lehmans had crashed.
I was still drinking then. I must have been smashed.
“I’ll start my own agency,” I proclaimed,
My champagne-y fervor barely contained.

I was out with Luke. He too on the booze.
He said, “What the hell, we’ve nothing to lose.”
In preparation, we  “borrowed” some stationery,
While around us things went quickly deflationary.

We launched to great fanfare…okay that’s a lie.
Fedex lost our laptops. I wanted to cry.
It surprised us when three clients gave us a chance.
That was all we needed…plus a small cash advance.

I’ll admit it now, it was a tough time to start.
In fact, that first year practically broke my heart.
Then years two and three were pretty horrendous.
There were moments when I wanted to end this.

But within three years we’d bought out our investors,
And video-Jamie had joined us from Leicester.
A short while later we had ourselves a hound,
And all of a sudden we were gaining ground.

TopLine, you’ve been unruly and wild,
I still think of you as my first child.
Which means giving you unconditional love,
Even when it’s not what you’re worthy of.

You’ve kept me up late and stolen my mornings,
And cost me large sums without any warning.
But unlike a child you pay your own way.
And it won’t be a crime when I sell you one day.

I’ve had the time of my life. I’ve learned such a heap.
(and some day I’ll catch up on my REM sleep).
Thank-you TopLine, it’s been real.
Cant wait to see what year eight reveals.

Want to wish TopLine many happy returns? Our founder and CEO would be delighted to pass on your birthday regards.

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