Updated 26/02/2013

31.49%Google+ usership in the USFeb-12US
13.69%Google+ usership in IndiaFeb-12India
5.43%Google+ usership in BrazilFeb-12Brazil
3.88%Google+ usership in the UKFeb-12UK
2.46%Google+ usership in CanadaFeb-12Canada
2.20%Google+ usership in GermanyFeb-12Germany
1.82%Google+ usership in IndonesiaFeb-12Indonesia
1.77%Google+ usership in MexicoFeb-12Mexico
1.76%Google+ usership in ItalyFeb-12Italy
1.70%Google+ usership in SpainFeb-12Spain
20.01%of users are studentsFeb-12Global
2.65%of users are software engineersFeb-12Global
1.99%of users are consultantsFeb-12Global
1.72%of users are managersFeb-12Global
1.59%of users are photographersFeb-12Global
42.06%of users are singleFeb-12Global
27.39%of users are marriedFeb-12Global
19.29%of users are in a relationshioFeb-12Global
4.39%of users are engagedFeb-12Global
67%of users are femaleFeb-12Global
32%of users are maleFeb-12Global
More than   5 billion times a day%The number of times the Google   +1 button is servedFeb-12Global
Two   thirdsof Google+ users are menFeb-12Global
3.86%of all Google plus users are in   Bangalore, having the most Google+ users of any cityFeb-12India
14.70%of all Google plus users are in   IndiaFeb’12India
31.50%of all Google plus users are in   the USFeb-12US
250   millionestimated registered users on   Google+ by the end of 2012.2012Global
1 millionbusiness pages on Google+2012Global
80%of Google+ users log in weekly2012Global
60%of Google+ users log in daily2012Global
90   millionGoogle+ users2012Global
69.10%of Google+ users are maleFeb-12Global
29.70%of Google+ users are femaleFeb-12Global
1,831,941people follow Britney Spears on   Google+Feb-12Global
Over 60%of Google+ members use Google   products on a daily basis.Jan-12Global
Over 80%of Google+ members use Google   products on a weekly basis.Jan-12Global
200 millionpage views on Google+Dec-11Global
50 million visits to Google+Dec-11Global
20 millionunique visitors to Google+Dec-11Global
50   millionGoogle+ userslate Sep-11Global
$585 millionThe amount of money it took to   build Google+Sep-11Global
500 employeesworked to build Google+Sep-11Global
67%of Google+ users are maleSep-11Global
32%of Google+ users are femaleSep-11Global
1%of Google+ members describe   their gender as ‘other’Sep-11Global
20/09/2011Google+ opens to everyoneSep-11Global
13%of US adults on Google+Aug-11US
38.37%of all Google+ visits are by   those in the 25-34 age bracket.Jul-11Global
42ndGoogle+’s ranking in the most   visited sites in the US.Jul-11Global
37%of Google+’s upstream market   came from search engines.Jul-11Global
821%growth rate between its launch   on  June 28 and July 2Jun-11Global

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