As 2018 draws to a close, it’s a good time to get that last minute recognition in before taking a break for Christmas. Why not enter an award this December?


We’ve compiled a quick list of three awards in December for you to enter. Check out our awards page for more inspiration!


Emerging Media Awards – Celebrating creativity and innovation, these awards are focused on recognising marketers, coders, designers, developers, innovators, visionaries and leaders for their great use of new forms of media. Enter by December the 3rd!


Webby Awards – Are you involved in the process of designing, building, managing, maintaining, marketing or promoting digital work? The Webby Awards could be for you! Check out the range of categories and be sure to enter by the 14th December!


AME Awards – These awards are great to enter if you want to be honoured for great marketing and advertising. According to the awards themselves, to enter you must demonstrate groundbreaking solutions to challenging marketing problems and exhibit specific marketing goals and objectives accomplished through creative execution and strategic planning. If that sounds possible, make sure you enter by the 15th December when entries will close.


For more awards in December inspiration visit our awards page – and contact us if you’d like help with your entry!


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