No Lego

Sole-of-foot abuser Lego has launched its own ‘green instructions’ which guide users to convert their existing models into an eco-friendly alternative. Aimed at Poland’s younger population, the campaign sees the corporation move to fill the lack of education within Polish schools about climate change and green energy alternatives.

Poland has some the most polluted air in Europe and still uses coal to produce a staggering 79.9% of its energy. This is compounded by a worrying absence of education in school about the impact that coal power has on the environment.

The ‘green instructions’ encourage users to dismantle their models of gas-guzzling planes and cars, and provide blueprints for crafting electric trains, scooters and bicycles using the same parts.

Monkey with a Beard   

After 2020 proved an understandably fallow year for advertisers, ad spend is set to be one of the highest growing markets in 2021.

Since the demise of ITV Digital, Monkey has enjoyed an impressive second career as the front monkey for the long-time purveyors of the pyramid bag, PG Tips. Now, after a spell out of the public eye, Monkey has returned, this time moonlighting for advertising giant Global.

In a campaign to coincide with the partial easing of COVID restrictions in England, Monkey sports a lockdown beard, accompanied by the strapline ‘Been Stuck Indoors Too Long? It’s time to get your brand back advertising outdoors’. The campaign aims to encourage brands to return to outdoor advertising as footfall and outdoor activity begin to rise.

House of Horror

In more big news from the Definition camp, we’ve moved! In touching distance from our previous office, you can now find us at Hammer House – the former home of the legendary horror company Hammer Films –  situated on Wardour Street, which, for much of the 20th Century, was teeming with film production companies.

We’re enjoying our new home with its small slice of cinema history. For your records, the full address is 117 Wardour Street, London W1F 0UN. We’re looking forward to getting back into the Soho sun soon and can’t wait to see you there!

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