It’s… Good

For 64 years, KFC has claimed that its chicken bits are indeed so fantastic that customers will resort to licking their hands in fear of wasting the smallest shred of flavour. Well… no more. It’s traditional ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ strapline was deemed out of touch with the current global health crisis, with the latest marketing preferring the catchy and simple “it’s… good”.

When was finger lickin’ not a public health no-no? And why is it suddenly worse to lick fingers now? Surely prospective finger lickers should be washing their hands first anyway?

Either way, wash your hands people!

Yaldi Boom

There are few things more enjoyable in life than a packet of pickled-onion flavour Monster Claws bought from the nearest Aldi.

For years, Aldi has cleverly manufactured identikit products and similar packaging to household brand names for outrageously attractive prices. The latest addition to a roster that includes Norpak butter, Jammy Wheels and Dreamy bars is Anti-Establishment IPA – the discounter’s take on Brewdog’s ubiquitous Punk IPA.

In an unlikely twist, the Scottish brewer hit back with Yaldi IPA (In case you don’t know, Yaldi is a Glaswegian term expressing excitement), complete with Aldi-ish branding. In the ensuing social media scuffle, an unlikely collaboration may have flourished with Aldi’s Twitter team suggesting ‘ALD IPA’ as a better name. Brewdog relented and who knows – it might be finding its way to an Aldi near you before long. The blossoming friendship will also see each company plant a tree in Brewdog Forest for every case sold.

What’s your ex up to?

The latest instalment of Amazon Prime’s ‘All or Nothing’ series follows Tottenham Hotspur’s 2019-20 season. While not a particularly remarkable sporting occasion in itself, the placement of an advertising board on Putney High Street has raised eyebrows.

Tottenham’s current manager is Jose Mourinho, probably still best known for his two spells at Chelsea. Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge stadium is just around the corner from the advert which asks “Ever wondered what your ex is up to” alongside a big building-sized picture of its old gaffer.

This is top trolling.

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