Captain Birdseye goes beard-free

Charlotte Carter-Dunn is set to appear on upcoming limited-edition Birdseye packs after winning a competition to become the new face of the famous seafarer.

The competition saw fish fingers fans submit their best frozen food tips, with Carter-Dunn impressing judges with her mastery of the frozen aisles, cultivated during chaotic mealtimes as a foster carer for two young children.

The packs – which will be labelled as ‘Captain Charlotte’ – will see Captain Birdseye portrayed by a woman for the first time in the character’s 50-year history, and marks yet another post which has been filled by a woman before the leadership of the Labour Party.

Fjord focus

Iceland is offering up its picturesque, open spaces to those who are feeling that 2020 has been a bit rough so far. Seven loudspeakers have been set up across the country at locations including Skogafoss waterfall and Festarfjall allowing frustrated would-be holidaymakers to release their screams into the great outdoors without having to go to the trouble of taking a holiday of a lifetime.

Lockdown has been a challenging time for those who rely on a regular rural scream to keep them sane, and so, to scratch that itch, you can record your scream – or indeed listen to the screams of others – here.


A huge 130,000 (at last count) people have signed an online petition to extricate Britney Spears from the conservatorship which has been in place since she suffered a high-profile mental breakdown in 2008.

Conservatorship sees an appointed person take charge of finances and other key decisions on behalf of someone who is deemed unable to make these decisions independently.

The move shows that Britney’s legions of fans are as passionate as ever, encouraging her to post doves, or wear a yellow shirt on a particular date if she needs help or is in trouble – both of which she did. It could be a coincidence, it could be a prime example of avid fandom, but the internet is certainly a hotbed for mass movements.


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