Go M*** F***

Monday saw Meatless Farm launch a provocative, national campaign, with its light hearted “now that’s a M*** F*** burger“ slogan.

Already the fastest growing UK brand in the meat-free sector, its sales have nearly tripled year on year as consumers move away from meat in line with environmental and health concerns. A third of Brits claimed to have eaten more plant-based food during lockdown, and even for those for who do not wish to give up meat entirely, reducing meat consumption is increasingly common.

The £1.5m campaign will be everywhere this summer, including a branded car driving through London and provocation and light-heartedness being the sure-fire way to win the nation’s hearts, we’re sure it will be a tremendous success.

Papa John’s

Back in May, organisers announced the cancellation of Notting Hill Carnival for the first time since it started in 1966. The event has become synonymous with the very best of cosmopolitan London as one million people descend on W11 at the height of summer for a weekend of music, food and festive performances.

It’s obviously a huge loss to the cultural calendar, but for those performers and food vendors that line its streets, the cancellation is catastrophic.

Fortunately, Papa John’s is doing its bit by hiring the festival performers to deliver pizza on Saturday (8th) meaning the lucky people who order from the Maida Vale branch will get doorstep performances (which sounds okay for a bit and then totally awkward). The chain has also created Reggae Reggae Jerk BBQ wings with some of the proceeds going to Hospitality Action.

For the Karens

For the uninitiated, in Australia ‘Karen’ is an insulting slang term for privileged, white women who are seen as obnoxious or racist. Seeing an uncontroversial opportunity that simply could not fail, Domino’s – suspecting that not all Karens are bad – offered free pizza to “nice Karens”.

Now we do not wish to trivialise the plight of people called Karen, but as unemployment in the country climbs to 10% and homelessness sits at 116,000, perhaps people called Karen who can explain what makes them not racist shouldn’t be the priority for free food.

After widespread criticism this tone-deaf campaign thankfully is no more.

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