Tap tap

Asda has re-launched a familiar campaign in an attempt to claw back market share ceded during the COVID-19 pandemic. A difficult year so far sees the return of the iconic Asda price pocket tap.

The campaign – led by recently appointed marketing guru Anna-Maree Shaw – supports £100m of investment in lower prices to compete with others who have gained ground owing to a more comprehensive convenience offer.

Everyone remembers the legendary pocket tap, cheekily delivered by personalities from Julie Walters to Michael Owen, but most probably didn’t notice it was gone. Maybe it will be even better the second time like Take That, John Travolta or the 2004 remake of Battlestar Galactica.

Unlimited subs

The options for live and on-demand subscriptions are growing by the day. And to complicate things further (or arguably make them easier and more cost-effective) BT TV has announced a hyper-flexible package that allows monthly activation and de-activation of BT Sports, Sky Sports and Amazon Prime.

The flexibility connects users to every major paid-for game in the English football calendar. Dubbed ‘Unlimited Subs’, the campaign puns on the controversial push to increase the number of substitutes in the Premier League and focuses on footballers including Marcus Rashford and Jamie Vardy reacting to the proposed rule change.

Most responses were negative, except for Gareth Bale – nicknamed ‘The Golfer’ by his Real Madrid teammates owing to his lack of playing time. Good to see Bale retains a sense of humour… his reported £600,000 per week salary might help.

Climate Fightback

The United Nations has launched a new campaign to combat air pollution. Parkour artist Georgia Munroe is chased by purple smoke in the jittery chase sequence, with the viewer given choices as to how the video should play out utilising Youtube’s sequential storytelling format.

It’s a powerful video highlighting the relentless encroachment of air pollution through the world’s towns and cities. With the message: “You can run from air pollution, but you can’t hide,” our protagonist is cornered by the fog, before finding her voice and fighting back.

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