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Firstly, a look inwards at Definition’s incredible successes in testing times. Our team enjoyed three defining moments to celebrate in November. Firstly, we were named 2020 B2B PR Agency Of The Year in the PRmoment awards, celebrating a successful year in difficult circumstances. It was fantastic to receive the award in recognition of the quality of campaign delivery, client service and agency management.

The second major news of the month saw the Definition family grow (under the umbrella of Definition Agency Group) by acquiring not one but two companies: Leeds-based internal communications specialists Words&Pictures and London-based brand strategy and creative design agency Redhouse. The link-up bolsters Definition Agency Group’s ‘inside out’ communication delivery for major brands, business leaders, organisations, and Government.

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Shopkeepers of the World Unite

The airwaves are now thoroughly packed with Christmas adverts. We’ve already found which middling Britpop song will be stripped back, slowed down and sung by a middling contemporary singer in an attempt to instill meaning and morals, while some sort of named and heavily-merchandised animal embarks on a weepy tale with a happy or thought provoking ending. All in the name of a fledgling Christmas tradition.

But in a break from a tradition which sees supermarkets avoid broadcasting adverts near each other Aldi, Asda, Co-op, Iceland, Lidl, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose all broadcast their adverts consecutively across two prime time slots on Channel 4 to show unity in the wake of the racist online backlash to Sainsbury’s Christmas ad.

The advert – featuring a black family celebrating Christmas – provoked a bizarre racist response from pockets of Twitter upon its original airing. An advert for Co-op received a similar reaction after also featuring a black woman.

PlayStation underground takeover

The long-awaited launch of Sony’s PS5 (just in time for Christmas) was marked with an eye-catching and creative campaign on Europe’s busiest shopping street. The new PS5 branding met the universally recognised London Underground roundel in a colourful takeover that saw the traditional roundel circle joined by the cross, square and triangle of the PlayStation controller.

The campaign will not only be rolled out across Victoria, Bakerloo and Central line platforms throughout the network, but will also see Seven Sisters and Lancaster Gate renamed Gran Turismo 7 Sisters and Ratchet and Clankaster Gate in support of new titles on the console.

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