The end of negative reviews?

Jay Rayner, The Observer’s long-serving restaurant critic, is no stranger to sharpening his knives and calling out sub-par fare. For the uninitiated, his damning review of Paris restaurant Le Cinq is a good place to start.

But, for now at least, Rayner has said he will no longer write negative restaurant reviews on the basis that now is the time to support the hospitality sector rather than criticise, and if he can’t write a broadly positive review, he’ll write nothing at all.

Negative restaurant reviews in the mainstream media are already few and far between, but at a time of existential threat to a huge number of bars and restaurants, and the associated jobs, proprietors will surely welcome the respite.

Pubby McDrunkface

As Bristol continues to remove 17th Century slave trader Edward Colston from its public spaces, the owners of the Colston Arms have – temporarily – renamed the pub Ye Olde Pubby McDrunkface.

Despite a crowded field, the 2016 poll that saw the public decide on Boaty McBoatface as their preferred name for a new £150m research vessel, was probably the most controversial vote of the year. Sadly, it wasn’t to be, and the vessel was called the RRS Sir David Attenborough instead. It wouldn’t be the last time that people would argue that a 2016 vote was advisory rather than binding.

This simple formula could solve the issue of what to name things pretty much indefinitely. In the meantime, the owners of Ye Olde Pubby McDrunkface are seeking more sensible suggestions.

Social Distancing Deodorant

In an unlikely collaboration, Lynx and Marmite have launched the world’s first social distancing deodorant (and a shower gel if you’re interested).

So, what does it smell like? Well, apparently it combines “aromatic notes of lavandin, white moss, and green herbs, along with woody profiles of creamy sandalwood and cedarwood – unexpectedly met with a slightly salty punch of Marmite”.

Between the famously divisive love or hate spread and the smell of Lynx that will be forever reminiscent of high-school PE changing rooms, social distancing certainly won’t be a problem.

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