A good rule of thumb for life in 2018: if you can think of it, there’s an app for it. Yes, even *that*. Especially that. The problem? Most of them are pretty useless.

There’s an app that lets you track ghosts, apparently. There’s an app called “I Am Rich” that costs hundreds of pounds, and exists solely to prove that the user can afford it. There’s more than one app that allows you to check celebrity heights, and compare them against yours(Martin Scorsese is 5’3?!).

But what about the technology that really matters? What about the tools, apps, hardware, and software that can make a tangible difference to your personal happiness, your professional endeavours, and your daily life?

Our new YouTube Channel is designed to dig these hidden gems out. Presented by our team of tech geeks and professionally produced by our video team, 4 Minute Tech (4MT) reviews and comments the latest and greatest technology – from weight loss tools to bitcoin exchanges and beyond. The show focuses on the tech that promises to make a tangible difference to your daily life, whether the appeal is obvious (i.e. cryptocurrency exchanges) or less obvious (i.e. meditation for kids).

More than that, 4MT tells you whether or not technology delivers on these promises.

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