Despite the challenges that the coronavirus has caused for video production teams, they have continued to create moving, impactful and engaging content for clients – and these corporate video awards will offer a fitting celebration. As the vaccine roll-out continues, there’s even hope that we may be able to attend some of these events in person once again. If you have worked on a video project that you believe might be award-worthy, check out these awards to enter in April.

The Vega Digital Awards praise the year’s best digital work, and they expect this to be a particularly significant ceremony due to the increased role that digital media has played during the Covid crisis. There are award categories for video, online video, VR and 360 video, and many more, and you can learn more on their Facebook and Twitter. Get your entries in before April 7th to be in with a chance of winning.

The Rookie Awards focus on animation and digital art across games, video and other forms of media among, as the name suggests, amateurs and beginners. The Rookies are unique for offering a wide array of prizes at all levels, encouraging entrants at a range of skill levels to get involved. If you are a creator with fewer than 12 months of professional experience, enter the awards before the deadline on April 15th and keep an eye on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

At the glitzy NYX Video Awards, the world’s leading media producers contribute over 42,000 entries to face judgement by more than 180 international judges. These corporate video awards are affiliated with some of the industry’s biggest names and brands, including Adobe, Disney and Microsoft, and winning is a guaranteed way to get noticed. Categories this year include broadcast and television, social video, web-based production and many more. Check out their presence on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to enter before the April 21st deadline.

These corporate video awards highlight some of our industry’s best work, and we can’t wait to see all of it. If you are interested in creating award-worthy video content for your business, TopLine Film can help. Learn more at our corporate video production page and check out our full corporate video awards database.

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