At TopLine Comms, we’re always looking for new ways to please our customers and diversify our portfolio of marketing services. In fact, we’ve been steadily adding to this suite since our initial launch as a PR company. Most of these have been clear winners: videocontent marketing, and SEO, to name but a few examples.

HubSpot consulting services are our most recent addition, and they’re one of the most important – for us, and for you, our intelligent, attractive, and very well-dressed prospective client. But why?

HubSpot helped us grow 

We’re in a good position to talk about the benefits of HubSpot, because we’ve used it ourselves and we continue to use it – to great effect. In 2015, we were a pretty well established and pretty well respected PR agency, but we still had room to grow.

Here at TopLine, we are all about self-care – and we like to treat the business as if it were a client. This client, it turned out, was in dire need of some marketing automation. We’d used other marketing automation platforms before and been burned, but we heard that HubSpot was different, and we were willing to give them a shot.

Even with its stellar reputation, we were anticipating disappointment: after all, the reality of Next Big Thing tech companies doesn’t always align with the hype. But we opened our hearts and welcomed HubSpot into the business, and the results were even better than we expected.

Using its inbound, content marketing, social media, SEO, and leadgen tools, we created a clean database of over 3,000 prospects, earned 352 leads, ranked in the top three for 20 of our chosen keywords, and increased profits by 46%. What’s more, that was just the first year. Ever since we started using HubSpot, we’ve been growing by over 30% per year.

Our HubSpot consultancy can help you grow 

We’ve started offering HubSpot consultancy because we know exactly how effective it can be – if it’s used correctly.

The problem is, it often isn’t. When people report disappointment with the platform, it’s generally not the platform’s fault. Misusing and misunderstanding its tools is a common experience – while it’s well-designed, functional, and intuitive, it can be a bit much for a newcomer to get their head around. The early stages of using HubSpot are like the early episodes of Game of Thrones: it’s pretty, it’s well-made, but there are a thousand things going on at once and you understand exactly none of them.

If you stick with it, it’s generally rewarding – but you have to stick with it. It can help you generate more leads, and will more than earn back your ROI. You just need a little patience – and the right advice.

That’s where we come in. As HubSpot Gold partners, we have the experience, the credentials, and the skills to make sure you get the most out of the platform and its various features. We manage hundreds of thousands of contacts for our clients. We have sat through HubSpot’s harrowing training videos. We know how to build landing pages and the forms that sit on them; we can narrow down your database to the very best and most relevant leads; we can create appealing emails, blogs, and eBooks; and we can devise workflows, keyword strategies, and comprehensive HubSpot plans.

We can do all this because we did it for ourselves, and it worked like gangbusters. Whatever gangbusters means. We assume it’s good.

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