PaySpace Case Study Infographic image. Text on image: Block one – Introduction - PaySpace, a cloud-based payroll and human capital management software for companies operating across Africa, wanted to scale. Block two – Objectives - PaySpace needed to: 1) Become known to decision makers in multi-national and enterprise-sized businesses expanding into or across Africa 2) Generate leads for its sales team. Block three – Strategy - We designed an integrated comms strategy that included: 1) International and Africa-based media relations to raise awareness of PaySpace as the leading provider of cloud-based payroll software 2) Creative content campaigns to highlight the pain points and risks associated with managing payroll across Africa. Block four – Results - Over the first 7 months, our integrated strategy delivered: 1) 35 quality media hits 2) 10 followed links to the PaySpace website – an important SEO metric 3) 466 new enquiries from companies looking for PaySpace services. Block five – Testimonial - As a fast-growing business in the African market, PaySpace found the services delivered by TopLine Comms of great value and best in class quality. TopLine helped us establish a good base for thought leadership through the quality articles they delivered. This was underpinned by their absolute dedication to understand our market and product offering. The best part of building our brand with TopLine is that we can measure our return on investment based on the increased lead activities in the business. I would recommend services offered by TopLine any time. They are a professional team making the extra mile the norm. - Terisa Pohl, PaySpace marketing manager.

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