SILKROAD Case Study Infographic image. Text on image: Block one – Introduction - When SilkRoad, a leading global provider of cloud-based social talent management software launched its first international office in London, the company needed to let the HR sector know. BLOCK 2 – OBJECTIVES - SilkRoad needed: 1) An introduction to the UK HR and talent management media 2) To make professionals in HR departments across the country aware of SilkRoad’s presence. 3) To have its software’s unique features highlighted to this audience. Block three – Strategy - We planned a noisy media launch campaign over a short period of six months, that aimed to saturate the HR media with SilkRoad content. This included: 1) An introductory media tour. 2) Strategic localised news releases. 3) Strong opinion pieces about local HR issues. 4) Press support at HR events. BLOCK 4 – RESULTS - The campaign achieved 50 pieces of coverage in popular media outlets read by the HR community including: 1) HR Director 2) HR Magazine 3) Personnel Today 4) Personnel Zone 5) Recruiter Magazine 6) askGrapevine HR 7) Incentive and Motivation Magazine. SilkRoad became an established authority on the use of talent management software and HR technology and a respected source of comment on issues such as flexible working, effective recruitment and onboarding, performance appraisals, incentives and the use of social media in HR. And, most importantly, the company’s sales team was able to leverage this profile to open doors and close deals with major UK clients. Block five – Testimonial - TopLine got to the heart of our business straight away. The team understood our goals and objectives and worked hard to ensure that SilkRoad quickly became recognised as a leader in the talent management market. We trust TopLine to identify the best opportunities for us in the media and consider them to be an extension of our own team. - Fabrizio Rongo, Marketing Manager at SilkRoad.

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