Automation Consultants Case Study Infographic image. Text on image: Block one – Introduction - Agile and devops consultancy Automation Consultants, had ambitious growth plans. Block two – Objectives - To achieve desired growth, Automation Consultants needed to: 1) Attract more traffic to its website 2) Generate top of funnel inbound leads that needed to be nurtured 3) Generate bottom of funnel inbound leads that were ready to buy as soon as they reached the site. Block three – Strategy - We designed an integrated marketing strategy, including: 1) On-site and off-site SEO to enable AC to attract inbound leads 2) PR aimed at the tech press to raise the profile of AC in the tech community and support SEO efforts 3) PPC for direct lead generation 4) Content marketing for targeting colder prospects and nurturing them into leads. Block four – Results - Our integrated strategy delivered: 1) Over 250 followed links 2) A 150% increase in website traffic, with the site’s domain authority rising from 28 to 33….3) …and 473 qualified leads. Automation Consultants now enjoys ongoing and sustainable lead generation. Block five – Testimonial - TopLine devised a multi-channel marketing strategy for us designed to increase our inbound lead gen. We're now reaping the benefits with a solid stream of good leads coming through the website on a monthly basis. TopLine's impressive ability to quickly get to grips with complex tech subjects is matched in equal measure by its team's SEO, PPC and PR know-how. They're a trusted and valuable extension of our team. - Francis Miers, Director, Automation Consultants.

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