Catalyx Case Study Infographic image. Text on image: Block one – Introduction - Catalyx crowdsources data-driven innovation to collect the opinions and intelligence of millions of end-users – and puts it to use by developing high-quality, consumer-centric products. However, Catalyx was struggling to build authority and recognition in its sector and needed new ways to convey its unique proposition to prospective customers. Block two – Objectives - Catalyx needed to: 1) Reach its target audience with compelling content and build brand name recognition. 2) Increase visits to its website and generate tons of hot prospects. Block three – Strategy - To get Catalyx in front of marketing directors, brand managers, and insight and innovation managers, we: 1) Produced interesting and useful gated content for inbound marketing, including eBooks, blogs, and case studies. 2) Used our HubSpot expertise to distribute this content and generate a steady stream of hot prospects, for Catalyx’s sales team to close into customers. 3) Boosted brand awareness and authority through a combination of PR, awards, and events. Block four – Results - In 14 months, Catalyx: 1) Generated 223 hot leads through inbound marketing. 2) Was nominated for six awards and won three. 3) Secured two guest speaker slots at important industry events. 4) Attracted hundreds of attendees to its own marketing events. 5) Attracted over 20,000 web visitors from inbound marketing. Block five – Testimonial - TopLine took care of all our marketing and top-of-funnel activities as we were growing rapidly from two to ten staff. TopLine got to grips with our offering and tone of voice with remarkable speed, enhancing our B2B communications and polishing our credentials to help us reach out and engage with more prospects. The team are inbound marketing experts and because of their HubSpot expertise, they were able to educate us in-depth on sales and marketing automation, helping us to organise and build out our sales funnel and our contacts database, completely transforming our business in the process. TopLine also carefully crafted award nominations that successfully secured Catalyx invaluable industry recognition, including the prestigious MRS Insight Management Award. The team are lovely to work with – friendly, smart and always approachable. - Guy White, Founder and CEO, Catalyx.

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